Zambian Staff Update


Irritech announces a minor re-structure in the leadership of our Zambian company.

With immediate effect, Ross O'Donoghue will take the helm as General manager of the company. His leadership team includes Michele Zacharias as business manager (unchanged) and Duncan Scott's role has been clarified as Operations Manager in charge of all project implementation, field and technical staff.

The Spares sales office in Lusaka is manned by Dominic Chisanga. Dominic joined us late last year, and has quickly gained knowledge of our spares items. He is assisted at busy times by Lorraine Mutale who does our buying and receiving admin, and by our store-man of many years , Emmanuel Chilundika. Our spares team has the difficult task of carrying a moderate level of stock, but never running out of critical items.

Over the past 5 weeks the Irritech group has invested in considerable training, coaching and auditing, aimed at improving stock control in particular. Our objective has been to improve availability of critical stock items, as well as streamline and speed the ordering and delivery of 'just in time' items. Our staff will be working smarter in an endeavor to improve service delivery to you, our valued customers. Please be assured that under Michele Zacharias' guidance, they are striving to master the art of carrying an ever changing perfect spares stock.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to assisting you in the near future.


Irritech Zambia

Zambia Labour Day

This past week Zambia celebrated their National Labour Day.

Below are some photos of Zambia Irritech's involvement on the day.

IMG 20150501 WA0000

IMG 20150501 WA0001

IMG 20150501 WA0008

As our banner read; we are committed to "Promoting National Economic Growth Through Job Creation, Free Collective Bargaining and Respect for Worker's Rights"

IMG 20150501 WA0018

Zambia Irritech is integrated well into the Chilanga District of Lusaka and was proud to fly the banner for Irritech and Valley

Zambia Irritech Premises

Zambian Irritech has been making serious progress on their new premises, the building project is now nearing completion. Below are some photos of how far the building has come.


photo 1


Irritech's sign on the gable of our new building, which faces the Kafue road and is visible to motorists on their left hand side when travelling into town, just after passing the cement factory at Chilanga. This photo was taken early in 2014 when the sign was first erected.


Our new building from the front, as seen when arriving at our Lusaka premises. To the left are the admin offices, and to the right of the truck entrance is our spares sales office, with Sales engineers offices above. This photo was taken in about March 2014. The building is now more complete, including ramps into the truck entrance, allowing for loading and offloading under cover.


photo 3
This photo was taken very recently (mid June) and shows the tiled stock dispatch counter. To the right is the rear entrance to the sales desk, and ahead to the right is the sales manager's office. Left of that is the entrance to our new stores, and far left is the staircase to the Sales Engineers offices.


Irritech's first stock items moved into the stores on 16th June , pictured here. Over coming weeks all of our stock will have been placed in this new facility, freeing up our annex building for undercover parking for vehicles etc.

Zambian General Manager

Irritech is pleased to announce the appointment of Duncan Scott as our new General Manager of Zambian Irritech in Lusaka.

This post has been vacant since March of this year, when our Director, John Ferreira vacated the post to take up his appointment as our Corporate Projects Director.

In John's absence, our business Manager, Michele Zacharias, has been doing a sterling job of leading the company on her own.

Duncan will now join Michele at the helm. Duncan has worked for the Irritech group for the last three years, filling various roles relating to the installation of large scale irrigation projects, so he is no stranger to Irrigation or Irritech. Duncan's role as General Manager includes leadership of our Sales Engineers and technical staff, as well as customer satisfaction.
Shadrick Mwinga, Craig Orchard , and Brett Pearman will all report to Duncan, as will Fanus Terblans on all project related matters.

The spares sales (Headed by Fanus), storemen and admin staff will continue to report to Michele, and Michele will continue to be available to all customers needing assistance at a higher level.

Duncan travels to Zambia to take up his post on Tuesday 5th August.


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Zambian Project Update

Irritech has recently commissioned a pivot scheme just outside of Kitwe in Zambia.

This was a full scheme, inclusive of pump station and pipelines feeding 4 Valley centre pivots irrigating 237 ha of land.


This draws to a close phase 1 of a project that will see 3000ha of farmland put under Valley centre pivots, for the production of wheat and soya. Once complete the project will be able produce enough to fuel its own milling operation.


With the start of wheat season looming, we were able to order, ship and commission the project in 44 days. This was thanks to our skilled director and corporate projects manager, John Ferreira.

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