Addax Bio-Energy

Addax Bio-Energy, Sierra Leone, 2012-2015:

Awarded tenders & completed design, fabrication, & supply of electro-mechanical works on 10 000Ha ethanol from irrigated sugar cane project:
- 10 irrigation booster-pump stations:
o Over 100 x 90Kw pump-sets
o Galvanised steel suction & delivery pipework specials & manifolds
o All valves & adapter fittings
- Ethanol factory raw water supply station
o 4 x 45kW pump sets
o Epoxy coated steel specials
- 3 x Dunder & Vinasse pump stations & injection systems:
o 12 x 37kW corrosion protected pump sets
o HDPE & Stainless Steel suction & delivery pipe specials & manifolds
o Chemical resistant Air/Vacuum valves & fittings for 11km reticulation network
o Automatic control panels with electric & air-actuated injection valves
- Several tons of irrigation pipe network fittings & valves from 50mm to 800mm