Micro Sprinklers

round sprinkler2Micro sprinklers (also known as: spray jets, micro sprayers, misters) are a cross between surface spray irrigation and drip irrigation and are rated by flow rate, wetting diameter or radius. Like drip emitters, they operate at low pressures but create a larger wetted area then drip irrigation.

Micros are used when low volume overhead irrigation is desired, and for areas where drip emitters are not practical.

The micro sprinklers and micro sprayers deliver water through micro tubing to a series of nozzles attached to risers, and have small to medium sized droplets with good uniformity of coverage and lower precipitation rate, allowing longer watering time with less runoff.

Micro sprayers are used extensively in agriculture using one micro sprayer per tree and under the tree canopy. Micro-Spray Irrigation provides many of the same benefits as drip irrigation with a few exceptions.

The advantages:

  • Water application efficiency.
  • Water savings: reduced evaporation and run-off combined with smaller flow rates
  • Moisture within the root zone can be maintained
  • Eliminates water loss from the wind
  • Usually lower operating pressure than other types of pressurised irrigation hence reduction in energy costs.
  • Soil erosion on sloping terrain prevented by Low application rates.
  • Adapt to any topography and irrigate irregular fields.
  • Fertilizer/nutrient loss minimized due to root zone targeting
  • High uniformity in the distribution of water due to controlled output of each nozzle.
  • Fertigation is achievable with this type of system

*if designed, installed and managed correctly.