Irritech is always on the look-out for ways to assist our customers. So in March two of our staff, Penny and Mukuka, made a trip from our branch in Lusaka to the Kazangula border crossing to learn more about getting our irrigation equipment through and cleared as quickly as possible.

After several successful meetings with the Zambian Bureau of Standards, and with the helpful team at ESSE Clearing, plus a visit to the ferries crossing the Zambezi River; Penny and Mukuka have come back with a wealth of knowledge ready to put to work on getting our trucks through the borders and onto our clients farms as fast as possible.

ZI ESSE Trip 2

Above: Penny and Mukuka with the great guys from Esse Clearing.

Our Zambian branch welcomed Peter Munthali to the #Irriteam last week!


We are super excited to have Peter joining out counter sales team in the Lusaka office!

Next time you pop in at our shop, he will there and ready to assist you.




A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) is the modern answer to motor starting and control.


A VSD allows a standard electric motor to run at a variety of speeds and to self-adjust, as it is running.
This has huge advantages over conventional DOL (Direct On Line) starters which run only at a fixed speed and are relatively power hungry as a result.
Fitting VSDs to a new pumping system from the start lets you select more efficient pumps and a wide range of duties. A single large pump could be used to run several Centre Pivots at once (at full speed) or just one pivot (with the pump running slowly), this means fewer pumps, simpler management and lower power consumption.
Fitting VSDs to existing motors saves power (Inherent 10% power saving over DOL setups), allows for automation, reduced labor costs and reduced power wastage due to over pumping.
What are the latest Irrigation advances with VSD's?
In line booster pump stations, do away with unnecessary (and expensive) holding dams
Block irrigation (Micro & Drip) can be very finely managed and are more efficient with pressure set point control

What are the advantages of fitting VSDs?

Power saving

  • Better, more efficient pump selection
  • Accurate pressure management – consistent pressures without over pumping


  • Extensive automation options - Remote startup
  • Auto restart after power cut
  • Cell-phone control and monitoring

System protection

  • Slow speed pump start up
  • Eliminates water hammer
  • Reduced wear and tear on pump and motor
  • Auto motor limiting – Overload and motor burnout protection
  • Pressure control – pipe line burst safety
  • “Run-dry” protection on pumps

Power factor correction

  • Inherent in VSD technology is power factor correction of better than 0.93 with no capacitors.

Are there any negatives to having a VSD?

  • Expense – but with a short payback period - Predicted power price increases will further shorten payback
  • Complex technology – tried and tested in Zambia (for a long time in other industries) – good back up in Zambia.
  • Sensitive to power surge – Drop out fuses and protection must be installed.
  • These protect from fluctuating voltage and power quality and are a worthwhile addition to any system, even those without VSDs

Congratulations to Robert Scott for winning this month's photo competition!

March 2018

The above photo shows Irritech's "Dripper Line Ripper", this implement pulls Netafim Drip line in below the surface, facilitating direct to root irrigation.

The annual Musikili Triathlon & Trail series was held this last weekend in Mazabuka, Zambia.

Musikili 3

It’s a popular one on the calendar and caters for the whole family and all types of athletes.

Varied event categories from 5km to 21km Trail runs, Long individual triathlon events to the shorter distances for the beginner triathlete and of course the kids category where budding triathletes show their stuff.

Musikili 6

Irritech, a regular sponsor, set up some high pressure showers to cool off after the athletes hard work in a very hot sun. This was enjoyed as well by some of the Irritech staff who took part in the various events.

Musikili 8

Thank you Musikili for having us again and great job on yet another successful event.
See you next year!