Plus Size in Malawi -Malawi project

Bulk water supply, Floating Barge

Our biggest floating barge to date is for Kaombe Sugar (Agricane), Malawi, weighing in at a whopping 39 tons.
Looking back and going forward, the Kaombe Sugar floating pump station has benchmarked that irrespective of size and space within the factory, anything is possible. On paper, 3x300-35 KSB pumps and 3x110kw4p Actom motors sounds quite normal, but in reality, just the pumps alone stand 900mm tall and just over a meter in length it does give a whole new perspective on size. These are the biggest KSB pumps in the ETA catalogue. The pontoon pipes are 5x12mx1000Ø.
The bulk water supply is extracted from the Shire River via an approach channel. The water was lifted by the floating pump station through the suction and delivery structure to the lined canal. The canal conveyed the bulk water to the existing booster pump station and new balancing dam.