Done and Dusty in Ghana

Irritech was employed to install 68ha of semi solid sprinkler irrigation as well as all ancillary equipment for four centre pivots in the Northern Region of Ghana. Equipment began arriving on site from the 12th of October 2016 and installation commenced, after all equipment had arrived, on the 21st of October.

Being some distance away from home, the detailed planning and preparation that went into the project ensured that installation went smoothly. With a few minor changes to the initial design the installation was completed on the 18th of December 2016, a total of 57 days.


 DSCF2232 Copy

DSCF2230 Copy


An almost complete floating pump station

DSCF2166 Copy

Semi solid irrigation installation

DSCF2272 Copy



A working system in record time


We've Arrived in Ghana

The doors of the last container closed on the 19th August in Pietermaritzburg and they were reopened today on site in Ghana. It took just over 3 weeks by seafreight for the goods to reach Tema port. The Ghanaian government allows for goods relating to agriculture to be tax exempt. However, this can only be applied for once the shipment has arrived which further delays the clearing process at the port. It is nevertheless within the client’s  best interest to do this as the tax saving is quite substantial. The site team supervised 5 containers being unloaded today and they are anxious to kick off the project now that the goods have started arriving.

IMG 20161018 WA0001

IMG 20161018 WA0002

 IMG 20161018 WA0007


IMG 20161018 WA0008

Entering Ghana

Ordering for our first project in Ghana began around 4th June and the last container doors were closed at 1.30pm on 19th August. In just under a week, Irritech's logistic team has packed over 60 tonnes of equipment at our premises in Pietermaritzburg with another 120 tonnes being loaded off-site in Johannesburg (PVC piping, electrical cable, HDPE piping). Every fitting was systematically checked and rechecked so that everything that the site teams could possibly need had been packed. Right down to the site camp teapot!
Irritech Management teams recently had a strategic planning session at Lords of the Manor in Mooi River and our fearless leader Franek Raciborski came up with another catch phrase; his original one is "We Make a Plan".............."Let's Get the Nuts & Bolts Right"

IMG 2519
This exactly sums up the attitude of the procurement, receiving, logistics and site teams who were focused on the Ghana project for the last 2 and a half months. The site teams will be leaving mid-September to go to site to install the pump station on a floating barge, the PVC pipeline, as well as a sprinkler scheme. The four pivots for the scheme are being supplied by Valmont, Spain and they will be erecting the pivots.

IMG 2522
Credit is due to the logistics team, headed up by Nikki Jonas and Derrick Gourlie, for their excellent work as well as the receiving team headed up by Antonet Jooste. The receiving team is the first line who deals with the suppliers on receiving the stock into our system and ensuring that the correct goods are being delivered.

 IMG 241