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Irritech Agencies International (Pty) Ltd. is a specialist irrigation company operating throughout Africa. The company was established by Franek Raciborski in 1992, and has offices in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and Lusaka, Zambia.

The company is an Irrigation solution provider, able to select and design ALL types of irrigation, including, but not limited to, drip and centre pivot (Valley Centre Pivot dealer in Southern Mozambique, Zambia, KZN midlands and elsewhere).

Irritech teams conduct irrigation design, and steel fabrication, and attend to logistics, administration, and spares sales. Travelling technicians commission, service and repair in the field.

Irritech is continually evolving to keep current with technical innovation. Accurate land surveys and pegging are performed with high tech Trimble Global Positioning Systems, for pinpoint accuracy, and specialised design software is used. Water quantities and soil types as well as application rates and power supply, are all considered in carefully thought-out designs. We believe in a custom design for a best fit solution. Depending on the project’s scale and client’s needs, Irritech can tailor-make the contract to partner with the client, in which case design, expertise and commissioning are provided to compliment the clients own labour and machines; or Irritech can provide the project as a turnkey option, whilst making as much use of local labour as possible.

Irritech has vast experience working in Africa, with an ability to provide world class systems that survive in harsh African conditions! Many of our engineers are experienced and passionate aviators and equipped with light aircraft they are able to cover vast distances giving our teams great mobility and speed of execution.

Projects start with the in-house manufacture of pump assemblies, floating pump stations, pipework and in-field fittings. The scheme is assembled as far as possible, and a mock-up is constructed before the system is delivered to site for final assembly.

For Irritech’s larger corporate projects throughout Africa we have site managers who set up a complete site camp, with temporary housing, power, secure stores, and water supply. Irritech complies with local employment and trade requirements and is able to handle the moving of machinery across borders with the necessary permits and insurance. The site management is run with full control of stores, expenses, labour and safety and health aspects as well as daily diary reporting, weekly projects reports, control of fuel, machine hours and the like, with the ability to communicate via our satellite phones and modems from any location. Co-ordinated materials export and project management ensure timeous delivery and installation across Africa. On completion of these projects, Irritech will provide complete handover and operations manuals.

This highly efficient, and motivated team has all the equipment, and resources to design, install, service and repair drip, sprinkler, pod, micro, pivot, and bulk water systems anywhere in Africa.

With the combined experience of over 80 years in irrigation that our staff possess, we offer a comprehensive package to all our customers.