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Irritech Agencies International (Pty) Ltd. is a specialist irrigation company operating throughout Africa. The company was established by Franek Raciborski in Pietermaritzburg (SA) in 1992, where it continues to service its loyal South African clients and from where it supports a second base in Lusaka.

The company is an Irrigation solution provider, capable of selecting and designing ALL types of irrigation, including, but not limited to, drip and centre pivot. It is the appointed Valley Centre Pivot dealer in Southern Mozambique, Zambia, KZN midlands and elsewhere.


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  • Namibia Grapes and Dates

    Namibia Grapes and Dates

    Irritech was appointed by Silverlands Namibia to supply and install an irrigation scheme for dates and table grapes.

  • Zambian Irritech Open Day

    Zambian Irritech Open Day

    The first Zambian Irritech Open Days were held on the 15th & 16th June 2018 at the Irritech premises in Chilanga. The days were focused on connecting with current clients as well as meeting new prospective ones. Our suppliers were invited to showcase their product as...

  • Farewell Ross

    Farewell Ross

    Please be advised that after a lengthy consultative process, Ross O'Donoghue has decided to leave Irritech at the end of June this year. His contribution to Irritech’s business during the past eleven years has been noteworthy, and he will be sorely missed by all his colleagues and...